conscious tech

We are connected. In consciousness and now, increasingly, through our technology. Though our devices can cause distraction and depression, if used mindfully, they can powerfully benefit your mind, body + spirit.


wearable tech

Technology is progressing so quickly, you can now buy brainwave monitors for less than a new pair of sneakers.

We are excited to try these gadgets: Spire, which monitors your breathing throughout the day, alerting you when you are constricting your breath, indicating stress. Sona, which quickly sold-out, can alert you if you show signs of anxiety & prompt you to meditate. And Muse,  a brainwave reader that can help you track your stillness practice.




aspirational apps



yoga wake up

Instead of scrolling through your feed first thing upon waking - there’s a buddy system which can wake you up in a different way. Yoga Wake Up’s audio cues, which often involve stretching, a short yoga sequence or meditation and setting a daily intention, can ease you out of bed and into your day the more mindful way.



echo: set your intentions

We've seen the transformative effect of pausing throughout the day to pray, set an intention, or say a mantra. Echo, a beautifully simple app, reminds you of your personal prayers with notifications & alerts.

Digital reminders of the Divine.