be still

heart wisdom hour

dharma talks with ex-buddhist monk + author jack kornfield. 


meditation minis

take a moment to be in the moment.


meditation oasis

guided meditations with the soothing voices of mary maddox


magic lessons with elizabeth gilbert

eat. pray. love. author elizabeth gilbert gives advice and motivation for all aspiring creators.


play date with sarah jones

woman of many voices interviews creators and creatives



the big questions

on being

conversations with great minds – Thich Nhat Hanh , desmond tutu, mary oliver– about what it means to be


since the last us election, on being studios launched The Civil Conversations Project, to bridge the divide between parties and sides. and the poetry project, readings of famous poems by their poets.


ted radio hour

the best ted talks with interviews.




:more mindful media:

where to shop. what to wear. what to listen to. in our age of abundance, the choices can be overwhelming.


here's what we love.