Ray Ray Hughes

Rachel Hughes

Born and raised in the Mediterranean, Eli has always had a strong passion for food, connecting with people and traveling to unexplored places around the globe.


Eli moved to LA two years ago to work in the wellness and holistic health industry and her goals are currently being achieved. Eli's creativity and strong organizational skills allow her to envision and develop new projects which she can then strategize and execute.


Eli is also the founder of mediterawnean brand under which she is a certified integrative nutrition coach, certified yoga teacher & prepares plant based workshops which inspires others to live a healthier, happy life.


neha Potalia

Neha moved to Los Angeles from Sydney in 2014 to work in the fast-paced, high pressure world of advertising. Throughout the last 10 years, she has worked closely in the film, music, fashion and art space on creative direction and social content. She practices yoga and meditation daily, and has become acutely aware of the everyday stresses of modern culture. She is thankful for the opportunity to work with Conscious City Guide to bring more balance and mindfulness into the lives of others.

jobi manson

Jobi is driven by the ideology that human innovation lives at the intersection of creativity and nature. Having spent years traveling throughout Africa on safari, Jobi has designed a unique vocation with the creation of her lifestyle brand, Sēfari, A company that inspires individuals to seek and master their creativity, ascertain their individuality, and embody harmonious living within their surroundings. Aesthetically driven by the celebration of raw nature, Jobi teaches her practice in the Ocean around the globe.