ecstatic dance



ecstatic dance


oakland + los angeles


june 24, 2017

ecstatic dance began in 2000 on the Dance Floors of hawaii. a blend of festival culture and conscious dance, this sober dance jam takes place every sunday morning in an oakland ballroom and across the earth.

at my estimate, there were about 200 people there getting their groove on in a nonjudgemental & safe space. talking nor phones aren't allowed on this dance floor. and i felt the freedom of a woman not having to worry about whether the men were hitting on me; everyone was there to dance. the crowd was diverse, including Children and elders, and i got schooled by a woman who looked at least 80. dancing to beats, i was drenched with sweat and happiness by the end and felt released, like i had worked through fears, insecurities and past trauma all while shaking my booty.

regulars talk about how this dance is medicine and these dance sessions are their church. the vibes were high and the closing sound bath and circle made that dance floor holy ground.